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      X-ray Machine
      YX-Z Model Complete Sealing High Precision Automatic Peak-Seeking Crystal Orientation Instrument

      X-ray automatic orientation instrument is a kind of accurate device which deigned integrates light, mechanical, electrical into one body according to X-ray diffraction principle, it can fast measure crystal direction of natural and artificial crystal(including piezoelectric, optic, laser, semiconductor), it can also use with cutter, grinder and other equipments. YX series X-ray orientation instrument is necessary device for precision process and manufacture crystal component, it can be used for orientation of all kinds of crystal and is broadly used in crystal material processing industry.

      1. PLC control technology is used. It is highly automated with low failure rate and high anti-inference capability and good system stability.
      2. All Chinese human-computer interface, 7-inch TFT touch panel, direct interface and easy for operation.
      3. Automatic measurement by touch screen or foot switch.
      4. It is accurate and convenient by automatic calibration, automatic scanning can be done for 10 times to get average value.
      5. Meet different customers' requirements. Single-point,two-point and four-point measurement mode can be set.
      6. It has measurement data printing function with USB data output interface.The data can be converted to Excel form and saved for management through the computer.  
      7. The Modularized circuit design for easy maintenance and repair.
      8. Automatic shutter control. The shutter is turned on only when necessary to provide operator with maximum protection.
      9. Customize all kinds of work tables and sample fixtures according to different samples to ensure measurement accuracy and convenience of use.
      10. Automatic measurement of wafer and ingot can be done. It is applied to angle test during every processing step to increase conformity rate of the product.
      Technical Target

       (1) X-ray Generator
           Input PowerSingle Phase AC 220V50HZ0.5KW
           X-ray TubeCu Target Anode Grounding, Force Air Cooling
           Tube Voltage-30KVPSwitch closed under full voltage
           Tube Current0~5mA Continuous adjustable
           FrequencyTotal frequency not over 0.5KW
           ProtectionHV interlocktemperature protectionautomatic shutter                                                                              
           Statistic Inspection Accuracyܡ10
          Use standard quartz plate SIO21011 surfaceȣ1320䣩2ȣ2640䣩
       (2) Angular Instrument
           Rotation angle of sample table0~+50                             
           Rotation angle of reader20~+100                           
       (3) Touching Screen
          Minimum value of angle1                 
        Digital displayDegreeMinuteSecond
          Angle adjustmentDigital displaying, can preset all angle value
       (4) Record           
          Counting tubeGJ5101Geiger tube, working voltage of 0~1100V .       
          Strength displayµA meter indicates crystal strength value.
       (5) Outer dimension 1150L650W1500H
       (6) WeightApproximately 200Kg

      Copyright:Liaodong radioactive instrument co,.ltd.

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